The company’s core business is trading of petroleum products and other derivatives. The company trades globally with all the major trading houses and International Oil Companies.

Brila Energy Ltd trades large volume petroleum products to the Major Oil marketerd in Nigeria and West Africa.

Products Traded
Gasoline (PMS)
Gas Oil (AGO)
Kerosene (DPK)
Base Oil
Fuel Oils
Aviation Fuel (Jet A1)

Crude Oil Trading

Trading activities are conducted through our offices in Lagos, Luxembourg, France and Spain and through the network of associated offices and agencies.

The changing nature of demand and prices petroleum products is a key element of oil trading. brila has been able to deliver prompt response to movements in demand and price changes through its global network of associate companies, partners and operations.

Brila trading hubs’ close relationships with regions ensure early awareness of the events and trends that drive demand.

Products Trading

Brila Energy Limited and its associates Oil Products globally. Oil products include gasoline, naphta, jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, gas oil, Base oil, LPG and ashhalt.

Supplies are acquired in part through long term contracts from the key-producing countries as well as by traditional short and medium term purchase agreements from local suppliers, many of them licensed Depot Owners through purchase of PPMC/ NNPC PFI’s.

Brila Energy Ltd delivers to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, Government purchasing agencies and industrial end-users.